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We notice many of our members in the Facebook group either have incomplete, conflicting or sometimes incorrect information about their keto diet.

That is normal, nothing to be ashamed of.

But certainly something that we must work to fix. After all, this is your health you’re dealing with.

Probably the top request we see are meal plans. Yes?

Followed by advice to defeat the cravings. Sounds familiar?

We have a certified dietitian developing a few webinars and she has also finished a meal plan that you can download (free).

The meal plan actually gets adjusted to your own caloric needs, so it is personalised and you don’t have to keep getting yours from dodgy YouTube videos.

This is part of the Group’s upcoming “official” website, coming soon.

😊 I am very excited about it, tbh.

Anyhow, it’s not ready just yet but you can pre-register now (again, it is free) and in the next few days you’ll start receiving qualified advice by email.

It’ll be like our little inner circle.

We’ll start with the meal plan. I have already seen it and has yummy recipes most of which you can prepare in 5 minutes.

Here it is, enjoy