Menstrual Cycle

Increasing Metabolism to Accelerate Weight Loss

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When it comes to your menstrual cycle, you have very specific needs. Without the proper attention, your hormones will go out of whack and in extreme cases your body may start missing your menstrual period. Not good at all!

Based on plenty of research and direct experience, Anahi teaches you how to adjust your ketogenic diet to support your body during your period.

Watch as Anahi explains how to identify some telltale signs that your body needs help. And how to adapt.

Hint: Anahi even discusses the use of carbs. Yes, carbs. But don’t worry, following her plan you’ll still be on keto. Watch now and learn for yourself.

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Anahi Brown (BSc, AADP, HHC, IAHC) is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Published Author, Award-Winning Public Speaker and Communications Consultant with over 13 years of corporate, media and coaching experience starting with Radio, cinema and TV worldwide.

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