Managing Pesky Cravings

Increasing Metabolism to Accelerate Weight Loss

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In the last video, Anahi talked about the four types of food cravings. If you didn’t watch it, you should do that now!

In this new video, Anahi continues the conversation about cravings and gets to the really important part: how to actually STOP CRAVINGS!

As impossible as it may seem, you can actually tackle cravings.

Anahi gives you practical advice, based on psychological insights, that will help you win the battle.

Watching this video can very well be what you need to succeed on keto for the long run.

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Anahi Brown (BSc, AADP, HHC, IAHC) is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Published Author, Award-Winning Public Speaker and Communications Consultant with over 13 years of corporate, media and coaching experience starting with Radio, cinema and TV worldwide.

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