Keto 101

Keto 101

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In this second video in the series, Kyle goes all in to explain the ketogenic diet.

(Didn’t watch the first video? Click here.)

He addresses very common questions and misconceptions such as:

Is ketosis something new? (no it isn’t, your body does it every night)

How should you measure ketones? Or should you even measure them at all?

What are the benefits of ketosis and being “fat adapted”?

And lots, lots more!

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Kyle Reidhead


Kyle Reidhead helps everyday people achieve long lasting weight loss. He’s an online health & weight loss coach who specializes in the ketogenic diet and developing healthy lifestyle habits. Kyle takes a holistic and health first approach to weight loss, enabling his clients to not just lose weight, but thrive like a healthy human should.


  1. Jocelyn Calder

    I just watched tour video on calorie in vs calories out. I have a question about starvation mode. I have been doing keto for 4 weeks. My calories have been under 1000 all but 3 days. Should I be concerned my body will slow down? I am never hungry reach my protein macros and am usually around my fat. I am 5’2 and 148lbs aiming for 128lbs, with more energy and having kicked a sugar addiction.

    • Hector

      Hi Jocelyn! I looked at your details and our system says you need 1,086 calories per day. Remember what the video says, if you starve yourself for too long, you’ll eventually break and fall off the wagon. It’s more sustainable to NOT deprive yourself from food, just eat well so you don’t go hungry all the time. That will drive you crazy.

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